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Federal Energy Regulatory Commission
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Regional Transmission Organizations
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Independent System Operators
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Electricity Is Delivered To Consumers Through A Complex Network
Electricity is generated at power plants and moves through a complex system, sometimes called the grid, of electricity substations, transformers, and power lines that connect electricity producers and consumers. Most local grids are interconnected for reliability and commercial purposes, forming larger, more dependable networks that enhance the coordination and planning of electricity supply.
In the United States, the entire electricity grid consists of hundreds of thousands of miles of high-voltage power lines and millions of miles of low-voltage power lines with distribution transformers that connect thousands of power plants to hundreds of millions of electricity customers all across the country…>>

– Electricity comes from various sources and types of providers
– The process of delivering electricity
– Evolution of the electric power grid
– U.S. electrical systems are now interconnected
– Balancing authorities manage grid operations
– Electric reliability organizations set standards for grid operations
– Challenges facing the power grid

The Importance Of Effective Grid Transmission
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How the Electricity Grid Works
The interconnected and complex nature of the electricity grid delivers several benefits…A historic blackout in 2003 showcased why effective grid transmission is so important. On August 14, 2003, an Ohio power company…>>
– Reliability
– Flexibility
– Economic competition

How Power Grids Work
by Marshall Brain & Dave Roo
– The Power Plant
– The Power Plant: Alternating Current
– The Power Plant: Three-phase Power
– Transmission Substation
– The Distribution Grid
– Regulator Bank
– Generating Power to Your House
– Safety Devices: Fuses

Electricity Transmission Systems
Updated July 2015
* National and regional grid systems connecting generators with wholesale customers are generally just as important as electrical power generation.
* Investment in these is often on a similar scale to generation capacity.
* New technology is enabling transmission at high voltages over long distances without great losses.
* Transmission system operators have responsibility for the quality of power supply.
– Dispatchability
 Ancillary services: voltage and frequency control
– System costs
– Particular countries
– Major regional grid projects
– Smart Grids
– Impediments to improvement