Thorium- advantage and disadvantage

Major pros and cons of thorium nuclear power reactor

Nuclear power is one of the important sources of energy that is generated by using nuclear fission reaction. Using the nuclear fuel, the reaction enables nuclear power plants to produce huge amount of electricity. During the reaction process, nuclear fuel generates heat to power turbines. Heavy fissile elements present in most of the nuclear fuels have a capacity to produce nuclear fission reaction.
To generate power, a nuclear reactor uses some fissile isotopes that include…>>

– Abundant availability
– Suitability
– Checks Proliferation
– Less nuclear waste production

– High start-up costs
– High melting point of thorium oxide
– Emission of gamma rays

Thorium As Nuclear
– What are the benefits of using Thorium?
-What are the downsides of Thorium?
-What about making bombs?
-Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactors

Myths About Thorium Nuclear Fuel
By: Nick Touran, Ph.D. (in Nuclear Engineering), March 2014
First- a letter to the internet.
Dear Internet, we need to have a talk about Thorium. It has many good attributes as a nuclear fuel, but the things being said on the internet have become largely misleading, if not all-out inaccurate…>>

Second- 6 Myths and a Wall of Shame
Myth #1: Development of Thorium-based molten salt reactors got cancelled because they couldn’t make bombs!
Myth #2: Thorium reactors never need enrichment!
Myth #3: Thorium reactors cannot make bombs!
Myth #4: There’s more Thorium than Uranium!
Myth #5: Thorium reactors exclusively make waste that is safe in hundreds of years!
Myth #6: Thorium reactors and Molten Salt Reactors are the same thing!
Wall of Shame!

What Are The Problems With LFTR Technology?
By:  Charles Barton | Posted August 29, 2011
What are the problems with MSR/LFTR technology? This turns out to be a hard question to answer. Since there are a large number of LFTR design options, however, it is difficult to identify a set of problems that shared all of the options. Rather we should talk about elective choices, and the problems that a MSR/LFTR designer would face if a certain option were chosen…>>