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How Distributed Intelligence is Changing Smart Grid Thinking
by Tim Wolf, Itron | 07.15.2015
This was a watershed year in how people used distributed intelligence in their everyday lives. For the first time, consumers more often used apps on their mobile or tablet devices than personal computers and mobile browser-based programs to access the Internet and get things done. Apps’ running at the edge of the network using the intelligence and computing power of a lower-cost and unified mobile computing platform are dominating our increasingly connected world.

The utility industry can gain insights from these trends as the next iteration of the smart grid becomes real. Just as distributed applications offer specific value to consumers, these capabilities are even more important for the interconnected power grid of tomorrow-particularly when it comes to interactivity of devices, multiple communications media, complex calculations and reporting, native functionality and robust data processing. The move to leverage distributed intelligence to improve the reliability, efficiency and flexibility of the grid is well underway…>>

Moving Beyond Smart Grid Toward Customer Engagement
by Patty Durand, Smart Grid Consumer Collaborative (SGCC) | 06/26/2015
Electricity customers sit at the intersection of big data, online portals, grid modernization investments, innovative smart energy appliances and programs. With all the advancements in the electrical power sector, smart grid stakeholders have a front-line opportunity to engage customers, shape relationships and produce tools that meet customer desires for electricity management.

At the core of Smart Grid Consumer Collaborative’s (SGCC’s) research, we found that an engaged consumer is a more satisfied and empowered consumer. Many utilities, however, fail or struggle to engage consumers. The secret to engagement lies in…>>

How the Smart Grid Will Impact IoT (Internet of Things)  06.19.2015 | By Steven Collier Chairman, IEEE Smart Grid Education Committee Director, Smart Grid Strategies, Milsoft Utility Solutions
This blog is part of the IEEE IoT Brain Trust series. This collection of blogs will explore IoT in the industry. Not only will a modern, intelligent grid for the 21st century require the capabilities offered only by the Internet of Things (IoT), but it can be so much more than we imagine because of it.

The North American electric grid is a patchwork of several large, synchronous AC grids that are loosely interconnected with each other. Some 9,000 utility generating plants produce…>>