PETROLEUM- Notable Accidents

Oil Spills and Disasters
The following list includes major oil spills since 1967. The circumstances surrounding the spill, amount of oil spilled, and the attendant environmental damage is also given. …>>

The 13 Largest Oil Spills In History
By Laura Moss /Fri, Jul 16, 2010
Here’s a look at the largest spills in world history and how the Gulf oil spill and the Exxon Valdez disaster compare….>>

Oil Spills Aplenty Since Exxon Valdez
By Alan Neuhauser  / March 25, 2014
Storms, Ship Collisions, Pipeline Ruptures And Explosions Have Spilled Millions Of Gallons Of Oil Across The United States. …continue reading>>

PETROLEUM- ACCIDENTS USNEWS  Since the Exxon Valdez disaster of March 1989, spills have occurred in almost every region of the U.S. This map shows some of the more notable incidents, as well as their relative size in terms of gallons spilled. >>

The 10 Worst Oil Spills in History
The World’s Worst Oil Spills by Amount of Oil Released Into the Environment
By Larry West, Environmental Expert
There are many ways to measure the severity of oil spills—from the volume spilled to the extent of environmental damage to the cost of clean-up and recovery. The following list describes the worst oil spills in history, judged by the amount of oil released into the environment. By volume, the Exxon Valdez oil spill ranks around 35th, but it is, …>>


Pipelines Explained: How Safe are America’s 2.5 Million Miles of Pipelines?  by Lena V. Groeger  |  november 15, 2012
While pipelines are generally regarded as safe, critics blame insufficient oversight and old pipes for the hundreds of accidents that occur every year. We explain how pipelines fail.


The company behind the Kentucky explosion is also behind the worst inland pipeline accident in US history  By Zoë Schlanger   | August 1, 2019

In North Dakota’s Bakken Oil Boom, There Will Be Blood
By Jennifer Gollan| June 13, 2015