History Of Drilling Technology
PETROLEUM- history spring poleOften used for drilling brine wells, a “spring-pole” well discovered oil in Appalachia. Steam-powered cable-tools drilled faster and deeper. Photo from “The World Struggle for Oil,” a 1924 film by the Department of the Interior….>>

PETROLEUM- history cable Oil well drilling technology has evolved from the ancient spring pole to percussion cable-tools to the modern rotary rigs that can drill miles into the earth…>>

History of the World Petroleum Industry (Key Dates)
A chronological summary of some of the key events impacting the evolution of the world petroleum industry, significant world events that had a major impact on the oil industry are indicated in dark red.

6th Century BC – The army of Kir II, first shah of Achaemenid Empire ( present – Iran), used Absheron oil in weapons of fire to invade castles and cities. (Note: much of the historic information relating to the early history in the Middle East has been provided by Mir-Yusif Mir-Babayev, Professor of Azerbaijan Technical University in Baku ).

450BC – Herodotus described oil pits near Babylon

325BC – Alexander the Great used flaming torches of petroleum products to scare his enemies…continue to 2012>>


PETROLEUM- HISTORY CHEVRON From the time humans realized naturally occurring petroleum had myriad uses, they organized means and methods to try and collect it and utilize it to its fullest potential. The history of petroleum exploration around the world is colorful and fascinating. Each country, and even regions within countries, has its own distinct path of discovery that influences it to this day. …>>
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Petroleum has been known throughout historical time. It was used in mortar, for coating walls and boat hulls, and as a fire weapon in defensive warfare. Native Americans used it in magic and medicine and in making paints. Pioneers bought it from the Native Americans for medicinal use and called it Seneca oil and Genesee oil. In Europe it was scooped from streams or holes in the ground, and in the early 19th cent. small quantities were made from shale. In 1815 several streets in Prague were lighted with petroleum lamps.
The modern petroleum industry began in 1859, when the American oil pioneer…>>

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