Carbon Offsets- Karel Rogers, PhD

Video Transcript:

One complicated game people can play when it comes to lifestyles that produce excess carbon into the atmosphere, is to purchase carbon offsets.  Carbon offsets are kind of a shell game with carbon, which allows a person to do things like buy an acre of rainforest in exchange for having a house that’s bigger than it otherwise would need to be for their needs.  That acre of rainforest, presumptively, would have been cut if the person hadn’t bought the acre of rainforest.  Games would be played like, contribute to this non-profit and we’ll save this much, something or other, in return for giving you free license to drive a hummer.  Those are the sorts of things that are possible with carbon offsets.

At the same time, each of us has to think in terms of the 15 trees that we need to keep alive in order to soak up the carbon dioxide we breathe.  And that is one real honest version of a carbon offset.