Conservation or Efficiency

Conserving Energy at Ski Resort- Crystal Mountain
In this seven-minute video Jim MacInnes explains the use of both, conservation and efficiency on energy saving projects at Crystal Mountain. It’s not just the big things, it’s the small things…>>

Energy efficiency is “using less energy to provide the same service.”
Energy conservation is “reducing or going without a service to save energy.”

Who makes the world’s most efficient residential solar panels? The panels listed here have earned the right to be considered when homeowners are looking for a system to provide the best savings over the years. Remember that solar technology is moving quickly and striving for higher efficiency with each new panel created, so manufacturers regularly discontinue solar panels and release new, more efficient panels to take their place. This chart will help get you started  understanding available solar panel efficiencies from a variety of manufacturers:…Who is on the list>>

The Difference Between Energy Conservation And Energy Efficiency
There’s a fascinating post on the Sustainable Buildings Centre blog that outlines how the world energy community has tended to stop using “energy conservation” and to use “energy efficiency” instead…>>