Biofuel- Ethanol Production


Ethanol Production and Economics

The major feedstock for ethanol has been coarse grains (i.e., corn); however, production of ethanol from corn is expected to plateau by 2015. It is expected that ~40% of the increase in ethanol production, for the next decade, will be due to the production of sugar-based ethanol. Second generation ethanol (from cellulosic biomass) is expected to be ~7% of the total ethanol production; it is only expected to be a significant contributor in the later years of the project period. Figure 11.1 shows the global ethanol production by feedstock from 2007-2019.
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History U.S. Fuel Ethanol Production
1980 through 2018
Year                   Millions of Gallons
1980                                175
2018                              16,061   See the chart showing 38 years of growth >>

2018 World Fuel Ethanol Production
2014 through 2018
Year                  Millions of Gallons
2014                              25,083
2018                              28,570

How Much Ethanol is Produced, Imported, and Consumed in the United States?
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updated January 2019

IRENA: Bioenergy employed 3.18 million people globally in 2018
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GRFA interactive map shows growth of global biofuel policies
By Global Renewable Fuels Alliance | August 22, 2013
According to the Global Renewable Fuels Alliance, 62 countries now have biofuels friendly policies in place that have driven global demand to over 1 million barrels per day. The significant growth in the global biofuels industry to 62 countries with biofuels friendly policies can be viewed on the GRFA’s new Interactive World Biofuels Map>>

Ethanol Facilities’ Capacity by State
Nebraska has the second largest ethanol nameplate capacity and the second largest ethanol operating production in the country, based on the latest federal figures.   As of June 2018, Nebraska has…>>

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