Biofuel- Ethanol Feedstock, Sugar Beets

Ethanol Production Process 
               The process: fermentation and cellulosic

Fermentation Feedstocks (most commonly used)
–  Sugar Beets

…(Beta vulgaris), form of beet of the amaranth family (Amaranthaceae), cultivated as a source of sugar. Sugar beet juice contains high levels of sucrose and is second only to sugarcane as the major source of the world’s sugar. For information on the processing of beet sugar and the history of its use, see the article

How is the sugar beet processed>>

…“But the sugar beet only needs one gallon of water to make a gallon of ethanol.  And since sugar beets are already around 70 percent water, you don’t require nearly the water [for] processing [as corn ethanol].”