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Unfortunately, things didn’t go quite to plan. Companies making algal biofuels struggled to retain their high productivity at a larger scale and found predators often contaminated their farms. They also found that the economics just didn’t make sense. Building the ponds in which to grow the algae and providing enough light and nutrients for them to grow proved too expensive, and to make matters worse the oil price has plummeted.   >>

Algal biofuel: the long road to commercial viability
By Chris Lo | april 9, 2019

Algae Biofuel–What Happened After the Hype?
by Yin (Daniel) Duan | march 12, 2019

Algal Biofuels Dead? ‘Not So Fast’, Says Algal Biofuel Researcher
by Robert Rapier |november 2, 2018

The Death Of Algal Biofuel

Hard Lessons From the Great Algae Biofuel Bubble

Algal Biofuel Production Is Neither Environmentally Nor Commercially Sustainable
by | august 8, 2017 

In Growing Algae For Biofuels, It Matters Who Used The Water Last
by  |November 30, 2017

Algae is an R&D wonder that, in the lab, has been shown to efficiently store energy. But can it be scaled into a viable commercial product?   march 10, 2016

Why Are Algal Biofuels In Decline?
by Christian Ridley| 20 May 2016

Dozens Of Reasons Why The World Doesn’t Run On Algal Biofuels?
by Alice Friedemann | march 29, 2015