Electricity Deregulation- Articles

Definition-    The reduction of government’s role in controlling markets, which lead to freer markets, and presumably a more efficient marketplace.   >> 

Michigan Shouldn’t Deregulate Electric Market
By: David Mengebier | April 1, 2015
When people talk about the energy that powers their lives, they usually say they want it to be safe and affordable, and to be there when they need it. They also expect basic fairness, whereby everyone pays their share to keep our communities and businesses running.

The company I work for, Consumers Energy, hears a lot about what Michiganians want. We provide energy to more than 6.6 million people who call Michigan home. We may serve your…>>

Some Customers Say They’re ‘Legally Robbed’ By Deregulated Power by David Martin and Adam May  | March 26, 2015
A growing number of states are deregulating their electricity; but some customers say their rates soar after signing up…>>

Michigan Governor Right To Prioritize Efficiency, Could Go Further On Renewables  March 13, 2015
oing Further on Renewable Energy Could Secure More Than $9 Billion in Capital Investments…>>

What Everyone Should Know About Deregulated Electricity Markets  by: Sarah Battaglia January 21, 2014  
Most people that deal with energy have heard of a deregulated electricity market.  Still, many find it difficult to differentiate it from a regulated market.  It can be a challenging concept to understand, but I’m here to explain the confusing parts and fill in any blanks…>>

2 States Feel The Market Heat As Their Deregulated Neighbors Reap Rewards   by Jeffrey Tomich January 29, 2014
…In Michigan and Indiana, two states hoping to revive energy-hungry manufacturing sectors, pro-competition groups are working to reinvigorate debate over electric restructuring more than a decade after California’s electricity crisis and Enron Corp.’s collapse led many states to abandon the idea…. >>  www.eenews.net